Fountain of Life Pre-school

Wembezi, KwaZulu, South Africa.

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 Abel & Christa (Hyde) Muanica

Kenya, Africa.

"From the Field: Mozambique" - October 2014
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For those of you who do not follow us on Facebook you may be surprised to hear that we are two countries down from Mozambique! Mozambique is Abel’s home country. I was able to meet some of Abel’s family and he was very happy to see some family members that he had not seen for many years. Please join us in prayer for the salvation of each one! Here in Mozambique we have been staying in Chocas Mar, a beautiful little town right on the Indian Ocean. Chocas Mar has only one Christian church that was planted by some friends and fellow missionaries and we are privileged to give them a helping hand in this pioneering work while we are in Mozambique.

Kids’ Ministry
Chocas Mar, just like Gotani, has LOTS of kids and they are always ready to drop whatever they are doing to participate in any kind of activity! Abel resurrected a childhood talent and made a big impression on the boys! He taught them how to make a truck out of old cans. At first they were not sure how it was going to become a car, but you could see their eyes light up as the form of the truck came into being! 

We also want to send out a special thanks to South Monroe Church for sponsoring a very special kids’ celebration here in Chocas Mar. 200 kids came to hear the Word of God, play games, have snacks and CAKE, receive gifts and generally feel the LOVE of God in a tangible way. The youth who work at the church did a great job decorating the church compound so the atmosphere was very festive and the kids were already waiting when we arrived at 8:30 am! We told the story of creation and the puppets even SANG the story to help them remember! We played tug-of-war, balloon relays, musical chairs and sack races. Everyone went home a winner and received small prizes or sweets. At the end of the day we had a delicious cake with chocolate frosting...a rare treat for kids who live in a place where cooking is done over an open fire. ☺

News from Kenya
We are thankful that God has blessed us with good friends and ministry partners who have continued with the work in Kenya during the time that we have been away. The church in Masalani is growing as is the family of our missionaries who are pastoring the church there! Congratulations to Jackson and Deborah on the safe birth of their son, James! In Gotani, we are thankful to Rueben, our friend and fellow pastor, for keeping an eye on things at our house. The trees are growing as is Rueben’s family! Congratulations on the birth of their son as well! Our time in Mozambique is coming to an end and we are excited and happy to go back to our home and the place that God has called us to serve! There is a lot to be done and we are ready for whatever God has planned for us! Please continue to pray for the resources we need for a new (to us) vehicle. We have decided to trust God for a Land Cruiser because though they are more expensive, they are definitely the car of choice for the kind of bush activities that we subject our car to! Our little Pajero served us well, but after failing a few times on difficult journeys we named it John Mark! We are already considering names for our Land Cruiser... something prophetic like SAMSON or METHUSELAH! Feel free to give us your suggestions as well! May God bless each one and thank your for all your love and support!

Serving Him,
Abel and Christa Muanica


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 Ben & Rosa Rivera

Tecate, Mexico.

They receive mail at PO Box 884, Jamul, CA 91935 

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 Jim & Henny

Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Jim and Henny L have worked with Wycliffe Bible Translators for the past twenty-seven years. After completing special training in linguistics, translation and literacy, they spent nine years in Kenya, serving as project leaders for the Sabaot Bible Translation project. The Sabaot New Testament was dedicated in 1997 and Jim and Henny moved on to supervise Bible translation and Scripture promotion work in five Aramaic languages, four of which now have a completed New Testament. In June 2012 the whole Sabaot Bible was dedicated in Kenya.

Jim now serves as the director of a unit called i55 and the associate director of Aramaic Bible Translation organization. He is also the director of Wycliffe translation teams working in more than 31 projects in countries of limited access in Africa and Asia. In most of these countries, people rarely meet believers in Jesus, but are often responsive to the message of the Gospel.

While continuing to support Jim’s expanded responsibilities, Henny occasionally serves teams as a member care provider.

Jim and Henny invite you to partner with them by praying for the ministry of translation, giving toward their support, and/or staying informed about the work that is being done.

Jim and Henny would be happy to send you their newsletter. You can get on their list by contacting the church.

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